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Fight to Live, Live to Fight

Battle Craze!! is an IKEMEN GO fullgame, soon to go further beyond in development by Team Craze.

Battle Craze follows the events of the Battle Craze Tournament Series, a martial arts competition that takes place every five years, with the best of the world willing to compete. Although, something else draws those to this tournament. A hidden threat? The promise of wealth? Scores to be settled? For Ajit Sinha, he's here to save the world from a foreseen destruction only known to him, and nothing will stop him.

Current Team of Devs:

  • JanisLCV - Concepts, Character sprites, Stage sprites
  • DrKelexo - Coder, Concept critique, Side-L Designer
  • Meldo - Screenpack code, FX sprites, Lifebar sprites, Sounds, Playtesting
  • Sympolite, MaxieKnight, DankPasta2099, MattieKonig - Music
  • Ayasme - Trailer Editor, Playtesting
  • Adeleine Vee - Voice Cast Director
  • TTTTTsd, Arpa, MellyInChains, NimrodPowerz, ScaredCrow - Playtesting
  • Suzanne A. Scott - Creator of Jane Bane, Wiki Editor

You can get the game here!

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